D.J. Ramones

Hi! I’m DJ, a web application developer and Python programmer.

I share about my technical interests and work in my blog La Technique. You can also check out some open-source activity on my GitHub account. My LinkedIn profile serves as my résumé (it’s not public, but the link should work if you’re logged on).

You can reach me by email. I’m also present on the Fediverse, through Mastodon.

Reverse Delay is my blog for musings on culture and other leisurely topics. I’m particularly proud of this; I’ve been told some of my articles have been used by teachers for classes on media and sociology. One highlight is this analysis of Nick Joaquin’s play A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino.

I also like to share that I’m a bit of a 🎞️ cinephile and a recreational 🚴 cyclist. And, if you enable JavaScript, I can tell you about some of the things I like. (Or you can check out the page source.)